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Another main tourist destination is religious and historic city of Sri Anandpur Sahib where large number of tourists come to see the Virasat-e-Khalsa (Khalsa Heritage Memorial Complex) and also take part in Hola Mohalla festival.The empire extended from the Khyber Pass in the west, to Kashmir in the north, to Sindh in the south, and Tibet in the east.Who strategised the Indian Army's surgical strikes across the LoC? According to reports,.Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.Indian and Pakistan troops traded heavy fire on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir's Poonch district on Sunday, a defence official said.

The directory has the contact and other details of those related to Punjabi film industry.Salman Khan tops Forbes India Celebrity 100 list. Home > National > Converting LoC into. Converting LoC into International Border: Farooq steps into.The main players in the politics of the state are the Indian National Congress and the Shiromani Akali Dal (with alliance Bharatiya Janata Party ).Of that, male literacy stands at 80.44 percent while female literacy is at 70.73 percent.The state of Punjab is divided into five administrative divisions and twenty-two districts.India home to 70 billionaires; Mukesh Ambani richest Indian. India is home to the fifth largest group of billionaires in the world and Mukesh Ambani, chairman of.

While Majhi and Doabi are considered to be the standard dialect of Punjabi language, there are a number of local dialects through which the people communicate.By 1845 the British had moved 32,000 troops to the Sutlej frontier to secure their northernmost possessions against the succession struggles in the Punjab.

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This opportunity was used by the British Empire to launch the Anglo-Sikh Wars.The National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research.Throughout its history, Punjabi literature has sought to inform and inspire, educate and entertain.Forbes’ definitive list of wealth in India, profiling and ranking the country’s richest citizens by their estimated net worths.See also: Music of Punjab, Folk music of Punjab, and Bhangra (music).

The main geographical footprint of the empire was the Punjab region.Huge numbers of people were displaced, and there was much intercommunal violence.The state of Punjab has large wetland areas, bird sanctuaries that house numerous species of birds, and many zoological parks.The confederacy was united into the Sikh Empire by Maharaja Ranjit Singh.Daily Ajit, Jagbani, Punjabi Tribune and The Tribune are the largest-selling Punjabi and English newspapers respectively.The communal upheaval that engulfed the Punjab region in 1947 forced migration of the well-established Muslim artistes from this region.The urban population in the last 10 years has increased by 37.48 percent.

This is a list of countries by the number of billionaires by net worth. India: 101: Mukesh Ambani: 5.Pakistani troops pounded several villages and forward areas with mortar bombs along the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu and Kashmir.Ottawa, Dec 16 (IANS): Bernard Sherman, one of Canadas most prominent billionaires and community philanthropists, was found dead alongside his wife inside their.

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The western part was assimilated into new country of Pakistan while the east stayed in India.A series of betrayals of the Sikhs by some prominent leaders in the army led to its downfall.Zirakpur is the latest sub-tehsil, in the district of Mohali.These are the folk tales of Mirza Sahiban, Heer Ranjha, Sohni Mahiwal, Sassi Punnun, Jagga Jatt, Dulla Bhatti, Puran Bhagat, Jeona Maud etc.Top 5 Richest People In India; You are reading about "Top 5 Richest People In India". Find similar stories to "Top 5 Richest People In India" in our Trip Ideas.

The Punjab was home to the Gupta Empire, the empire of the Alchon Huns, the empire of Harsha, and the Mongol Empire.India set to sign $4.5 billion LoC deal with. List of Richest Man in the. as private job recruitment notifications for different posts vacancies in India.The total figure of population living in urban areas is 10,399,146 of which 5,545,989 are males and while remaining 4,853,157 are females.The Guru refused to be released unless the dozens of Hindu princes imprisoned with him were also granted freedom, to which Jahangir agreed.The sex ratio in Punjab was 895 females per 1000 males, which was below the national average of 940.Punjabis celebrate a number of festivals, which have taken a semi-secular meaning and are regarded as cultural festivals by people of all religions.The highest minimum temperature of these regions in June is more than the daytime maximum temperatures experienced in January and February.

Pakistan violates ceasefire along LoC. automatic and mortar shells at 0930 hours today on Indian Army posts along the LoC in. A billionaire,.Get latest & exclusive Rajouri news updates & stories. Explore photos & videos on Rajouri. Also get news from India and world including business, cricket, technology.In 1848, out-of-work Sikh troops in Multan revolted, and a British official was killed.

Main articles: Punjabi culture, Punjabi people, Punjabi festivals, Punjabi clothing, and Punjabi Tamba and Kurta.The Cis-Sutlej states were a group of states in modern Punjab and Haryana states lying between the Sutlej River on the north, the Himalayas on the east, the Yamuna River and Delhi District on the south, and Sirsa District on the west.The Vedic Civilization spread along the length of the Sarasvati River to cover most of northern India including Punjab.

Explore India holidays and discover the best time and places to visit. | A land of remarkable diversity – from ancient traditions and artistic heritage to.This is believed to be due to excessive use of fertilisers and pesticides over the years.Latest breaking India and world news from. Army kills 7 Pak soldiers along LoC The Indian Express;. Inspirational quotes from billionaires Photos; Free must.

Delhi and Punjab: Essays in history and historiography (1995).Hindus constitute the majority in 4 districts: Jalandhar, Hoshiarpur, Nawanshahr and a marginal majority in the Gurdaspur.The extraction of silk from silkworms is another industry that flourishes in the state.Image: Selvaprakash Lakshmanan for Forbes India In 2011,. Live events and music fests draw crowds, boost loc. The High Fives: Best of Forbes India Stories.

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Main articles: Politics of Punjab (India), Government of Punjab (India), Punjab Legislative Assembly, and List of districts of Punjab (India).The Sri Akal Takht Sahib, which is within the Golden Temple complex, is the highest temporal seat of Sikhs.According to the provisional results of the 2011 national census, Punjab has a population of 27,704,236, making it the 16th most populated state in India.Dawood Ibrahim is world's 'second richest criminal ever' after Pablo Escobar. Underworld don Dawood Ibrahim Kaskar, who is wanted in India in connection with the 1993.

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